3 Digital Tools You Can Use To Improve Your Practice’s Patient Experience

According to a recent study conducted by MedicalDirector, 70% of Australians think healthcare providers could use digital tools, mobile technology and the internet to improve the patient experience. Here are 3 ways in which your practice can use digital tools to better your patient experience:

1. Online booking tools

Typically used by primary accession clinics, online booking tools allow patients to book consultations and appointments through multiple devices, without any input needed from clinic staff. This not only reduces the time that receptionists spend on the phone taking appointments, but also enables patients to book and reschedule their appointments outside of opening hours.

2. Text reminders

Text reminders are automatically sent to the patient on a specific date prior to their scheduled appointment to confirm attendance. This method has been proven to be effective in preventing no-shows as a result of patients forgetting their appointments or misremembering the dates of the appointment. In fact, some tools even feature “explicit response” reminders to further reduce the number of no-shows by having patients reply “yes” to confirm their attendance.

3.  Digital delivery of results

Digital delivery of test results (when authorised by the practioner) via text, email or phone, if done in a way that keeps patient information secure, can be greatly contribute to a positive patient experience. It not only provides patients with a more convenient way to access their test results, but also increases the possibility of them seeking earlier treatment due to them being able to access their results more easily.

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